Tomini Dynasty Wins Bulk Ship of the Year Award at the IBJ Awards 2023

Tomini Shipping, a world-class dry bulk ship owner, is delighted to announce that its bulk carrier vessel, Tomini Dynasty, has been honored with the “Bulk Ship of the Year” award at the IBJ Awards 2023 held in London on 20th November. The award was received by Adam Shaikh, Head Sale & Purchase and Shoaib Seedat, Head of Legal, Newbuilding & Projects.

The prestigious IBJ Awards, organized by the International Bulk Journal, recognizes outstanding achievements and advancements in the bulk shipping industry. Competing against nominees from across the globe, Tomini Dynasty emerged as the winner with its outstanding performance, operational excellence, and the crew’s unwavering dedication to their profession.

Tomini Dynasty, a geared Ultramax vessel designed under the SDARI ECO 64 Design, has earned a distinguished reputation since its delivery in January 2018. Flagged under the Marshall Islands and classed with Lloyd’s Register, it boasts an outstanding performance record, earning certification by the US Coast Guard for QUALSHIP21 in 2020.

Beyond its exceptional performance, Tomini Dynasty engraved its name in maritime history on March 31, 2023, with a heroic rescue at sea. In coordination with the local MRCC, Tomini Dynasty crew carried out a successful rescue of 11 Malaysian nationals who were adrift in a capsized boat in the Philippine waters due to bad weather.

This recognition solidifies Tomini Shipping’s expertise in the maritime industry and commitment to providing world-class services to its global clientele. Tomini Shipping dedicates this win to the crew of the Tomini Dynasty for their excellent seamanship and bravery.

Tomini Shipping Honored With Sustainable Shipping Award

Tomini Shipping, a world-class dry bulk ship owner, was honored with the prestigious Sustainable Shipping Award at the 2023 Maritime Standard Awards. The ceremony took place on November 7th at the Atlantis, The Palm.

Tomini’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its operations has been widely acknowledged, cementing its reputation as an industry leader. The Sustainable Shipping Award, a symbol of excellence in sustainability practices, affirms Tomini’s dedication to creating a positive impact on our seas.

Tomini’s fleet optimization initiatives include the use of technology to minimize carbon emissions, enhanced waste management systems, and the implementation of energy-efficient measures. As a result, Tomini is leading the way in sustainable shipping practices, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Tomini Shipping Hosted The First Ever Seafarer Seminar in the UAE

On September 26th, Tomini Shipping organized a two-day event at the Hilton Garden Inn – Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Our long-term partner and Commercial Managers from Alpina Chartering – Denmark also joined us. The event was aptly titled “Tomini Family Meets” as we brought our sea, shore staff & chartering team under one roof to learn from each other’s experiences. Tomini Family Meets was quite a success & CEO highlighted the Company’s vision of safety, health & environmental consciousness.

Key areas of focus were as follows:

  • Mental health awareness, signs to identify mental ailment & fatigue, fitness and lifestyle management.
  • Green shipping & decarbonization. Upcoming regulations and ship staff’s vital role in the Company’s plans to stay ahead of regulatory curves.
  • Safe working culture & the importance of effective communication.
  • How to keep track of effective Port State Control preparedness and ensure the safety of operations.
  • Importance of liaison and prompt feedback to the Purchase Department. Effective pre-planning supplies.
  • Cyber Security Awareness. Company’s plans to upgrade IT infrastructure (Starlink) & high-speed free internet for the entire crew.
  • Interactive exercises on incident investigation and root-cause analysis.

The seminar also featured a session led by Kenneth Kampmann – CEO of Alpina Chartering accompanied by his team. The session provided valuable insights into the commercial management aspect of the business and was a great opportunity for the participants to understand commercial management and how it contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Captain Om Dutta who served as Master onboard Tomini Dynasty was honored with an award, presented by Numair Shaikh – CEO of Tomini Group. This recognition was bestowed upon Captain Dutta for his outstanding seamanship skills, which played a pivotal role in rescuing 11 lives at sea. These individuals had been stranded at sea for a harrowing three days after their boat tragically capsized. The commendable actions of Captain Dutta exemplify his expertise in maritime operations.

Feedback Session
An interactive feedback session was held towards the end of 27th September. Many seafarers came forward with their valuable inputs and all queries were addressed by senior office management.

Gala Dinner
The event was concluded with a grand dinner on the 27th of September evening where our sailing staff had the opportunity to meet various esteemed guests from the Maritime Industry (Representatives from Flag Administration, Classification Societies & Tomini Business Associates).

Tomini Dynasty Crew Rescues Eleven Malaysian from Capsized Boat

On the 31 March 2023, Tomini Shipping’s vessel Tomini Dynasty carried out a heroic rescue at sea, 60 Nautical Miles off the East Coast of Malaysia (Sabah Region).

The ship’s crew coordinated a successful rescue of 11 Malaysian nationals (4 men, 4 women and 3 children) after their boat capsized and drifted into Philippines waters. The survivors were 3 days adrift at sea before being noticed and rescued by the Tomini Dynasty crew.

As per survivors’ statement, they are a family from Tawau, Malaysia and were on their way to Semporna, Malaysia to attend a funeral using their boat. During the passage they encountered bad weather and the boat toppled over, filled with water and the engine got damaged.

Tomini Shipping is pleased to report that all the survivors rescued by the vessel are healthy and initial medical assistance onboard was provided along with food and accommodation.

Following contact with Malaysian Authorities and MRCC, Tomini crew coordinated the safe disembarkation of all 11 survivors with Naval vessel.

All 11 Survivors were handed over to the Malaysian Naval Vessel “KD Paus” along with their damaged boat.

We’d like to commend and thank the brave crew of Tomini Dynasty for their heroic actions. This rescue evidences the values upheld by our seafarers and their unwavering commitment not only to seamanship but also preserving human lives without a second thought.

Tomini Shipping Announces the Delivery of Tomini Kaimai

Tomini Shipping, a leading ship-owner, and operator has taken the delivery of Interlink Veracity which has been renamed Tomini Kaimai.

Tomini Kaimai is a 2016 Chinese-built with a 38,736 DWT and takes the fleet size to 21 ships with an average age of 4.8 years.

Numair Shaikh, CEO of Tomini Group, commented “We see a very positive supply side picture on the handies, with relatively few new builds on order, and an ageing profile of the existing fleet. This leads to greater recycling numbers due to incoming environmental regulations, meaning the fundamentals are very much in favour of a positive handysize segment.”

Tomini Shipping Takes the Delivery of Three Handy Vessels

Tomini Shipping has again added to its fleet of dry bulk carriers with the purchase of three Handy vessels, acquiring a 2016 Chinese-built 37,985 DWT Tomini Bora, 37,983 DWT Tomini Ghibli and 37,896 DWT Tomini Norte.

“Throughout 2022 we will be growing our fleet to meet the global transportation needs of our clients and to meet market demands”, commented Numair Shaikh, CEO.

Numair Shaikh, CEO features in Business Focus Magazine

Great insights into the Group from Numair who was recently featured in Business Focus Magazine.

Check out the article here:

Tomini Shipping announces acquisition of Kamsarmax

Tomini Shipping has again added to its fleet of dry bulk carriers with the purchase of a Kamsarmax.

The Dubai-based shipping company acquired a 2015 Chinese-built 81,027 DWT bulk carrier Dansas, which has been renamed Tomini Bravery and takes the fleet size to 17.

“Tomini is confident in the long-term fundamentals for the dry bulk market and are committed to growing a diverse fleet to meet our client’s needs”, commented Numair Shaikh, CEO.

Tomini Shipping adds another Kamsarmax to the fleet

Tomini Shipping a leading ship owner and operator, has again added to its fleet of dry bulk carriers with the arrival of a Kamsarmax.

The Dubai based shipping company welcomed Tomini Royalty, a 81,092 DWT new build into its fleet.

“This addition to the fleet illustrates our absolute confidence in the dry bulk market; we are committed to growing a diverse fleet to meet our clients global transportation needs”, commented Numair Shaikh, CEO.

Tomini Shipping welcomes new board members

Tomini Shipping is pleased to announce the appointment of two new board members Tejas Shah, CFO who will replace Nitin Mehta who resigned his position in June 2021 and Adam Shaikh, Head of Sale and Purchase, who is a fourth-generation member of the Shaikh family.

These new directors will provide strategic direction for continued growth around Tomini Shipping’s vision to be the most trusted partner in maritime services to their clients guided by their values and commitment to safety, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

“We are excited to expand our board with new members who will bring diverse expertise and insight,” said Numair Shaikh, Interim CEO of Tomini Shipping.  “Each of them provides our board with a unique background and perspective and we look forward to their expertise and guidance this year.”

Tomini Shipping Board of Directors

Imtiaz Shaikh, Chairman, Tomini

Numair Shaikh, Interim CEO, Tomini

Shoaib Seedat, Head of New Buildings, Tomini

Adam Shaikh, Head of Sale & Purchase, Tomini

Tejas Shah, CFO, Tomini

Per Kampmann, Chairman, Alpina Chartering

Kenneth Kampmann, Chief Commercial Officer, Alpina Chartering

Daniel Kampmann, Chief Executive Officer, Alpina Chartering