Delivery and naming ceremony in the New Year takes the fleet to 11 vessels

Tomini Shipping greeted the New Year with the simultaneous delivery and naming ceremony of two Ultramax carriers, the vessels named Tomini Destiny (63,615 DWT) and Tomini Unity (63,593 DWT) were delivered on 4 January 2017.

The naming ceremony was held in CIC Changxing Island, Shanghai, China with a number of guests present including corporate management, representatives from Alpina Chartering, our partners of 39 years, as well as representatives of the builder and seller.

Numair Shaikh, a fourth generation family member, took delivery of his first vessels on behalf of the Group, building on the long heritage of shipping within the Shaikh family, 40 years on from when our Chairman, Imtiaz Shaikh took delivery of his first vessel in 1977. He was joined by Kenneth Kampmann, CEO Alpina Chartering, representing the 2nd generation of the Kampmann family, taking delivery of his fourth vessel on behalf of the Group.