Tomini Dynasty Crew Rescues Eleven Malaysian from Capsized Boat

On the 31 March 2023, Tomini Shipping’s vessel Tomini Dynasty carried out a heroic rescue at sea, 60 Nautical Miles off the East Coast of Malaysia (Sabah Region).

The ship’s crew coordinated a successful rescue of 11 Malaysian nationals (4 men, 4 women and 3 children) after their boat capsized and drifted into Philippines waters. The survivors were 3 days adrift at sea before being noticed and rescued by the Tomini Dynasty crew.

As per survivors’ statement, they are a family from Tawau, Malaysia and were on their way to Semporna, Malaysia to attend a funeral using their boat. During the passage they encountered bad weather and the boat toppled over, filled with water and the engine got damaged.

Tomini Shipping is pleased to report that all the survivors rescued by the vessel are healthy and initial medical assistance onboard was provided along with food and accommodation.

Following contact with Malaysian Authorities and MRCC, Tomini crew coordinated the safe disembarkation of all 11 survivors with Naval vessel.

All 11 Survivors were handed over to the Malaysian Naval Vessel “KD Paus” along with their damaged boat.

We’d like to commend and thank the brave crew of Tomini Dynasty for their heroic actions. This rescue evidences the values upheld by our seafarers and their unwavering commitment not only to seamanship but also preserving human lives without a second thought.