Tomini Group Sponsors The 18th Annual Marine Money Gulf Ship Finance Forum

Tomini Group, a world-class dry bulk ship owner, proudly announces its sponsorship of the prestigious Marine Money 2024 Gulf Ship Finance Forum, held at the Waldorf Astoria in DIFC, Dubai on March 6th. The event brought together industry leaders and experts to delve into the latest trends and insights shaping the maritime finance landscape.

The forum featured a dynamic panel discussion titled “Dry Bulk Shipping Outlook: How to Interpret the Multiple Unknowns and Make the Right Decisions,” in which Tomini Group’s CEO, Numair Shaikh, played a pivotal role. Numair’s participation showcased his expertise, offering valuable insights into the current state of the dry bulk shipping market.

Throughout the discussion, panelists explored the challenges and opportunities in the dry bulk shipping sector, providing strategies to navigate uncertainties and make informed decisions in this ever-evolving industry.

Tomini Group’s sponsorship of the event emphasized its commitment to contributing to the advancement of the maritime industry while navigating through the complexities of the modern-day shipping landscape.

“We extend our gratitude to Marine Money for organizing such an insightful and engaging forum, and to all participants for their valuable contributions to the enriching discussions,” said Numair Shaikh, CEO of Tomini Group.

To watch the full panel discussion, please refer to this link: