Our Workplace and Culture

At Tomini, you’ll experience the freedom to solve problems and work together to get things done without hierarchy. You’ll be in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace that encourages open communication, transparency and a free flow of ideas.

Competitive salary

Annual performance-based bonus

Training & development

Comprehensive international medical insurance cover

Health and wellness benefits

Our Culture

Our culture is based on our vision and core values which we apply every day to guide how we collaborate with each other and operate as a whole, and look for them in prospective candidates.

Our vision is simple – to be the most trusted partner in global transportation and maritime services to our clients, guided by our values and our commitment to safety, corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Our values are the foundations of our company’s success they are how we strive to act every day. Through living these values, we work together to achieve our strategic goals, they guide our decisions and our relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers, employees and local communities.

We are authentic.

We are passionate.

We are diverse.

We are resilient.



We act with integrity as a trusted partner to our clients. We know who we are, we know what we stand for and we stay true to our vision and beliefs.


We act with energy, spirit and conviction in everything we do. We bring this passion and commitment to all our clients and never settle for second best. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence on a daily basis.


We know that new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing, we come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs and this range is an asset to Tomini and our clients.


We never give up; we are not cowed by adversity rather see it as an opportunity to demonstrate our ability.

Our People

We are a diverse team of over 1000 people of different nationalities. We believe that openness, creativity, learning and growth pave the way to success.

You’ll be among colleagues who have a can-do attitude, take pride in their work, and desire progress and achievement in their roles.

Our Offices and Locations

Presently we have three offices in Dubai, Mumbai and Karachi. Wherever you’re based, you’ll find that our offices have been designed to create a collaborative and conducive work environment.

Our offices across the globe have an open floor plan that encourages communication and cooperation, as well as recreational areas where you can socialize with your colleagues, play sports and simply unwind.

What's it like to work at Tomini?

Asif Iqbal

Management Accountant

I feel privileged to work with Tomini it’s been a great career progression of last decade, it’s been an amazing journey from Tomini Pakistan to Tomini UAE, I’m really excited about what lies ahead. Tomini has always given me the opportunity to learn new skills, develop my knowledge in maritime industry and grow in my career.

Miguel Llorente

Head of Classics

Tomini is a family company of great human capital, where one’s quality standards do matter on a professional and personal level. Work culture is approachable, enthusiastic and vibrant, with a very clear long-term outlook cemented on four generations of management.  For me, it is the career choice of a lifetime, and the dream job I wake up to everyday.

Manoj Tyagi

Senior Marine Superintendent

Tomini has given me a comfortable and safe work environment. Tomini is extremely welcoming and provides its employees an optimistic habitat which has motivated me to give my best, work harder every single day. The In-house activities at Tomini take care of our holistic health where all the employees get to interact and bond with one another which doubles the positivity around. I love my workplace.

Varsha Sajeev

Purchase Manager

Tomini is built on trust and deep relationships with a focus on long-term cooperation with staff, our partners, and clients. It is a company where the staff is truly treated like the highest valued asset and offers a supportive and friendly environment to grow professionally and personally. I feel safe, proud and always have the opportunity to share ideas with management. Gifted, motivated, goal driven by working under confident, effective, and fair leaders.

Fely Bautista


Tomini is a great place to work in. The environment is impeccable; I love the people I work with, the knowledge we share, and the helping nature of everyone in the workplace. Tomini offers more than just a job, it offers a family where you can interact with everyone and share information on both side of life.

Edmar Bermudo

Junior Accountant

The best thing about working at Tomini is that we have a good management initiative that offers a platform for growth and equal opportunities to everybody. Way back 7 seven years ago I started working as a cleaner but because of such kind of initiative, I am given the privilege to work as an accountant and keep on growing to this Multi Awarded company.