World’s best car showroom

Wall-to-wall rare invaluable exotics, the crème of classics, all in the ultimate car showroom right here in Dubai

We just got back from checking out what is quite possibly one of the best classic car collections in the world, based right in here in a veritable modern-day Alladin’s Cave – albeit one with full-length glass windows, shiny tiles, stone art-nouveau facade and climate-controlled cool.

Forgive my really crude iPhone pictures, I promise to go back and get some better pictures and do a full feature on this amazing place soon, but we just couldn’t wait to tell you about the astonishing treasure trove of motoring magnificence that now exists right here in Dubai! Classics: World’s Best Car Showroom.

Where else does an original Ford GT40 sit alongside a Ferrari 250, a Ferrari 330 P4 racer and a Ferrari California, as well as a pair of classic Carreras, a peach of an original Beetle, the 80s icon DeLorean, the last of the Periscope Lamborghini Countachs (one of four Countachs there!) and a Cobra 427.

And oh-my-God, how could I forgot to even mention my favorite Ferrari there – a gorgeous 288 GTO. And not just any GTO, the provenance on this one has famous comedian and actor Bill Cosby as a previous owner. And that’s one of two ex-Cosby cars – they also have his old F40 in the collection (one of three F40s!).

Then there’s a Merc 300SL, Ferrari Dino, Maserati Ghibli, a dozen classic Porsche 911s plus a cute Porsche 635B. There are cars here that it’s almost impossible to stumble across in the region normally including an Iso Grifo, Facel Vega, De Tomaso, one of only three Scaglietti-bodied Corvettes in existence, a stunning low-mileage Lancia Stratos and the rare and extremely valuable, almost mythical, Toyota 2000GT (of Sean Connery/James Bond fame).

We just kept gasping, ooing and ahhing as we were shown around, our jaws dragging along the floor and our eyes popping out of our skulls. And we’ve only mentioned a few of the cars! There are more cars in the storage area, and in total the collection comprises 130 amazing pieces of automotive greatness with more on the way, and some further gems to be bought at the major auctions in the US and Europe over the next few weeks.

The cars displayed in this brand new facility are mostly for sale, apart from a handful that are the personal favorites of the owner, and will be available for viewing – by prior appointment – when Tomini Classics formally opens in September this year. Meanwhile, check them out at